A business’s online presence, without categorizing the industry, can have a much positive impact on its success. In this present generation where technology is at the top of every aspect, some businesses still don’t realize that a majority of their customers will visit their website before making a purchase. Having a strong online presence, particularly a website, can be make or break for generating more revenue. Be aware that the quality of your website has a lot of impact on the success of your business, in this article let's point out the importance of making sure you have a website. Inbuiltweb have helped numerous companies of varying sizes create their online presences. It is observed that some organizations hesitate to get online presence because they feel they are not tech-savvy enough and do not understand how to manage a website or are not comfortable with the price of getting a website, forgetting the huge revenue a website can generate for them.

Thank God you have come accross this article, we have elaborated some of the important reasons your company/organization/business needs a website from Inbuiltweb. If you still need convincing, here are the top reasons it is important for your business to have a website:


One of the most important reasons your business should have a website is to increase your organization's credibility. Chances are there that they are several providers offering a similar service you offer. By having a website that looks good and clearly communicates quality information to your consumers you can be unique and stand out among your competitors.

Without a website, people may question your legitimacy and credibility as a business. Having a website is an easy medium to make a great first impression and give people comfort that you are a real business.


Advertising or showcasing your brand to your prospective customers is one of the most important things that you can do effectively with your business website. By establishing who you are, what you represent and what you stand for (what you do), you increase the chances of increasing the number of your customers which will boost your revenue. This will also increase your uniqueness and make you stand out among your competitors. Without a website, it can be incredibly challenging to do this because people can not easily find quality and reliable information on your business.


It is important to note that getting a professionally designed website for your business from Inbuiltweb will boost your business lead. Once people find you online, become interested in your product or service and want to know more, they will know how to contact you since your website portrays a clear information about your website, which gives you the opportunity to increase your sales. Even though websites have a cost, when used correctly, they have a positive ROI.

Organic traffic

If your business have online presence and it is have a well optimized SEO (search engines optimization), you have a chance of showing up in search engines like Google search, Yahoo search, Bing search, DuckDuckGo search and so on. This means that when people are searching for a product or service, there is a chance your website will show up in the results. This gives you the opportunity to drastically increase your customer base.

Saving you time + customer service

Many businesses get calls from prospects or existing customers asking simple questions about location and hours of operation. If you miss a call, the customer is left unhappy. Calls can also distract your staff from focusing on the most important parts of your business. A website can reduce these calls and increase internal productivity. At the same time, it helps customers find useful information without needing to call, which ultimately provides an all-around better user experience. A website can also automatically interact with your customers as though you are the one interacting with them personally which will save you a lot of time and energy.

Updates and announcements

Since your website is active 24/7 (Inbuiltweb provides 99.99% uptime for websites), it's easy to post updates and announcements to your customers. It is a way to keep them up to date on everything that you are doing. When something is particularly relevant to them, it increases the chance of you being able to upsell them.

Digital marketing

If you plan on leveraging digital marketing to increase your leads and grow your business, you will likely want to drive traffic to a website or a landing page. To do this effectively, leverage historic traffic that has been going to your website so you can target the most qualified customers and get the best ROI on your ad spend. This is something that can’t be set up retroactively, so it is best to get your website running early even if you are not planning on running ads at the moment.

Websites have become essential to business today. Inbuiltweb strongly recommend creating one if you have not done so already. You can improve it over time, but the key is to start.


Every business/organization/company/firm or an individual rendering one or more service needs a website to boost their revenue, popularity and relevance and that is what we do at Inbuiltweb. Let us build a superb and professionally designed website like we have done for our Clients to boost your overall purpose.