Adsense is one of the best and most popular advertising network for publishers with the highest pay rate. Adsense is owned by Google which proves its authenticity, the high number of publishers who wish to monetize with Adsense have increased its value over the years.

Although getting Adsense approval most times can be difficult and frustrating, but in this article we have provided one of the best ways to get Adsense approval faster which has been trusted by most of our publisher clients on Inbuiltweb.

How to get Adsense approval faster

1. Get your website ready: The first thing to do before applying for Adsense is to purchase your domain and hosting from a trusted domain registrar and hosting company (we recommend Namecheap), after that build your website and be sure it is:

i. Reachable globally.

ii. Not password protected (if your website is password protected remove it temporarily so that Adsense can access your website, you can add it back after your website is approved by Adsense).

iii. Do not block googlebot (crawler) in robots.txt file.

iv. Add your website in Google search console and Google analytics (it is better to link search console to analytics after adding and verifying your website ownership to help you better monitor activities going on, on your website).

2. Make sure that your website have the three basic and most important pages:

i. About

ii. Terms and privacy policy

iii. Contact

3. Publish contents that meets up to Google Adsense policy: This is where most publishers get it wrong so pay serious attention to what you are reading now. Most publishers have been rejected due to low value content or publishing contents that are not Adsense compatible. Make sure that:

i. Your contents are plagiarism free, do not copy contents from other websites or replicate contents on multiple pages of your website.

ii. Your contents are error free (grammarly) and written in one of the Adsense supported languages.

iii. You do not use copyrighted images especially images downloaded from Google search, use free images from any free image distributing website like Unsplash, Pixabay and Pexels or purchase images from Shutterstock.

iv. Your contents are not monetized with another advertising network, if so remove the ads before applying for Adsense (you can place them back after getting approved).

v. Your website is clear and easy to navigate, categorize your contents properly.

vi. Your contents are not portraying something different from what you have in your "About" page.

vii. Your contents contains something meaningful to your audience.

viii. Your contents contain no pornography, tobacco related, shocking or irritating scene, illegal drugs or drug trafficking, rights abuse, medical care without evidence of being a health practitioner and sale of pharmaceutical products.

ix. Your contents are indexed properly and showing up on Google search, try using the manual indexing tool on the Google search console to index your contents faster.

4. Paste your ad code properly : When you sign up for Adsense make sure you add your site (url) correctly, then copy your ads code and paste it at the header section of your website without making any changes.

5. Traffic: Although Adsense do not mention traffic most times as a criteria to getting Adsense approval, we have observed that websites with higher traffic stand a better chance of getting approved compared to websites with little or no traffic.

You can consult us to assist you get your website approved by Adsense, consult us.